The end.

Well kids, I hate to break it to you, but that’s all she wrote.

It’s too personal now. I can’t share it anymore. We dove into each other, hard, and the shit we do is so intimate, so mind-blowingly awesome, it just seems…private. We’ve seen each other several times since the last entry, but writing about it doesn’t feel right, because it’s just ours. We don’t even want to fuck other people. And I am no longer scared of missing out on something/someone; my non-monogamous tendencies were always based on FOMS (fear of missing something), but now, now that I’ve found the single greatest solitary fuck of my lifetime, I’m sticking with him. I’m not scared of what else might be out there, I’ve already done all of it. In my modest cross-section of the population, I’ve learned a lot about what I want, what I need, what I can’t handle, but in all my fantasies of what finding an ideal sex partner would be like, never did I imagine something as explosive, intimate, simple and natural as this. You should all be so lucky.

So that’s it. I’m quitting stripping. I’m moving to Austin. I’m starting a new chapter. It’s time.

Thanks for reading over the last year. It’s been…a journey. From broken to reinvigorated to reinspired to disillusioned and lonely to, at long last, satisfaction; you’ve watched me undergo the biggest sexual transition of my life, save maybe adolescence itself. I got what I needed out of this catharsis, and I have what I want now. Thanks for watching.

P.S. I’m taking most of the posts down, because I’m paranoid. If you’d like to read them again, email me, and I’ll send them to you, as long as I know who you are.

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